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Published by admin, at Wednesday, October 10th, - The oils used to formulate castile soap can break down the flame retardant fibers. Old Navy Credit Card. Remove your cloth diapers from the cold water and dab the remaining stained areas with your child safe washing detergent.

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Preparing to Wash

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Now that you've checked the tags on your baby clothing and know the recommended settings you should use, set both the temperature and washer cycle. If garments don't have labels, wash these in warm water except for: Cloth diapers, which should be washed in hot water to improve sanitation.

Add detergent to the water. Strongly scented detergent, too, should be avoided, as these can be overpowering to very young children. Measure the correct amount of detergent based on the size of the load according to tag and label directions. Baby-friendly detergents are made by most major brands, and are usually clearly labeled as being recommended for babies' sensitive skin. Make your own detergent. It is not recommended that you use homemade detergent on flame retardant garments.

The oils used to formulate castile soap can break down the flame retardant fibers. Load your washing machine. Scatter the load of clothes you are washing into your washer. Submerge each garment into the water and make sure weight of the clothing is distributed equally throughout the washer.

Be careful to not overfill your washer. Await the end of the cycle. After you close the washer you will have to allow your baby clothes to run through the normal cycle. This will take some time, usually somewhere around 30 - 45 minutes.

During this time, you might want to sort more laundry to prepare for the next load, read a book, or tackle some other chores around the house.

Rinse your baby clothes again. Any remaining soap in the fibers of your baby clothing can irritate your child's skin. To be extra sure this does not happen to your child, you should set your washer to run the clothes through a second rinse cycle. If you are concerned your dryer might be too indelicate for your baby's clothing, you may want to consider allowing your clothes to hang dry on a clothesline. Some might think "meat" when thinking of protein, but for a baby, this category includes breast milk, most kinds of formula, spit-up, blood, and most kinds of baby food.

This is best way to prevent the stain from setting into the fabric. Remove any dry residue. If your stain has already dried and left a film, crust, or excess matter, you should try to remove as much of this as possible before proceeding. This will prevent the spread of a stain and lead to the best results when cleaning.

Pre-soak your protein stained garments. Heat or chemicals can cause a protein stain to react in such a way that it binds to the fabric you're trying to wash, which can leave a permanent stain.

Now that the clothes have soaked in cold water and the protein stain loosened from the fabric, apply a dab of baby-safe detergent to the afflicted area. Allow the detergent to set for a while, and then you are ready to wash. Check tags and set your washing machine. You should check and make sure the clothes that you are washing are safe for a cold machine wash.

You should use cold water to keep the protein from binding with fibers while the cleaning agents in your detergent lift the stain. Wash your baby clothes according to the label. While waiting for the load to finish, you might prepare the next load of laundry, accomplish other chores around the house, or take a short break.

To ensure that all potentially skin irritating detergent is removed from your baby's clothing, you should allow the load of laundry to go through one more rinse cycle. Cleaning dirty cloth diapers can be highly unpleasant, but these are an economical solution to expensive disposable diapers. Utilize a dry pail. You won't be able to wash every diaper the moment it's soiled, so you'll need a container to hold dirty nappies while awaiting laundry day.

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