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made with four-season wool with natural stretch, these streamlined suit pants are made with a striking blue color, an extended button closure, front slip pockets, back button pockets and a slim fit cut.

Please confirm your password. Slim Fit Design Catalog Page: Gold velvet skinny suit trousers.

Blue 46 Grey 15 Black 9 Brown 4 Green 3 Purple 2 White 2 Beige 1 Orange 1 Patterned 1 Red 1 Fit. Slim fit 32 Regular fit 22 Relaxed fit 2 Slim-fit suit in virgin wool with two-tone micro pattern by HUGO Quick view Slim-fit suit in virgin wool with woven stripe by BOSS.
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A SUIT TO TRAVEL IN The Kensington - Men's Slim-Fit Navy Wool Suit 'A Suit To Travel In' PAUL SMITH Men's Tailored-Fit Blue Plaid Wool Suit. From £ PAUL SMITH Men's Tailored-Fit Grey Tweed Wool And Silk-Blend Suit. From £ PAUL SMITH.
Home / SLIM FIT SUITS: Vinci International Group is a top wholesale men's fashion apparel company located in New York Garment District. Vinci has superior quality of men's suits with the most competitive price for retailers and chin stores.
Look the part this season with Topman's selection of men’s dress pants. Cut a dash in skinny fit or slim fit for a modern look. Free shipping & returns.
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Blue Viscose-Blend Skinny-Fit Suit Jacket

The Bachrach Slim Fit Jacket features a slim cut throughout the entire suit for a more tailored fit. Design points include narrower sleeves, slimmer lapels, and more tailored chest & stomach measurements to accentuate the silhouette of the arms & torso.

The curse of being tall and thin: Gotta fix that soon. It feels odd resorting to my peak-lapel dark gray wedding suit for funerals. Try the Classic Fit and Slim Fit.

The Regular, and Short or Long depending on height. Size up, Size down. I settled on the blazer mentioned above, but another blazer I needed a 46L. Sometimes I wear a Slim Fit. I purchased the London cut in navy because it had the lowest button stance of any style and found it to be perfect sits at about my natural waist. I have a very similar height and build to you, Joe. I have a 38R Napoli and it fit perfectly without tailoring the jacket or waist.

Sure they look and probably fit amazingly but are they even half-canvassed? Could never get past the price point. Hi Jason — I bought a Napoli about a month and a half ago. I have an athletic build as well. As Ben W mentioned, there is no way a 38R is going to work for you. A better method is to look at the detailed specs for each suit as they actually list out all the measurements.

One final point about the Napoli. I was really bummed when I ordered the plain navy Napoli because the jacket fit so perfectly but the pants that it came with were a I can sometimes wear a 32 but SS is a slim fit for my body. There is an extra inch or two that can be let out of the pants but they were tight in the leg too. I was going to take it to a tailor and see what they could do. But I found out that you can in fact get separates for the navy pinstripe and charcoal pinstripe models.

They sell the pants separately in the pants section of their site. I returned the navy, ordered the navy pinstripe with an additional pair of pants size 34 and then sent back the pair of 32s that came with the Napoli. I contacted SuitSupply via email directly and they gave me some size dimensons and said I should order a 42S.

Based upon the table of dimensons, though, it looks like a 40S would fit. That seems much more in-line with previous suits I have. I should note- the waist measurement I gave was around my bellybutton. I wear a size 33 34 in Dockers alpha khaki slim tapered pant. I would recommend getting fitted at the shop if you can, they really know what they are doing.

Walt, I think the York and London are the same suit, just read about it, think they are messing with the naming conventions or something. Just a heads up, I was able to get the navy worsted wool ludlow for a tad under this past week.

Does anybody have any recommendations? Any thoughts on the suitsupply sienna fit? They keep on telling me that the wools are excluded from the private sale. How did you work that? Pretty sure it was side vents, which is what the jcp site shows, visually.

The can be oddly inaccurate in their descriptions. He is still donating a suit that is hopefully gently used. Not saying I would do it but what is the difference?

As you point out, the York or London should have a lower button stance. I really like the Napoli myself. Just curious, what about it makes it wrong in your eyes? You wouldnt go to an event where admittance required the donation of canned goods, and stop by a local food bank to get the canned goods to donate, would you? It just strikes me as wrong, but thats a personal interpretation.

IIRC those are their half canvassed suits. Need to start reviewing other brands besides indochino like black lapel, dragon inside, my custom tailor, combat gent etc.

So many horror stories from indochino, and black lapel has been half canvassed the entire time and it was hands down my most complimented suits, even more than SS which is my personal fav. Thanks for this list, Joe!

Can we look forward to any BL reviews in the future? Same dangers of online-MTM. Not to be rude here, but would you say someone that buys donated items at a thrift store or goodwill and then sells them on eBay is acting unethically?

Pleasantly surprised as a shorter guy to see that the Claiborne and Suitsupply suits both come in small sizes. Thanks for this list. My personal interpretation is that these things are different because of the spirit or intent of the gesture. If you buy something, you have the right to do with it as you please. This includes buying something at a thrift store and donating it to Mens Wearhouse for a discount.

My personal view is that it would go against the spirit of the promotion as you are not adding anything of value.

At the end of this, there isnt an additional suit available for a person in need, you have simply taken an already donated item and re-donated it. It just seems that your role in the charity process would be as an accounting trick. Again, I can only speak for myself and someone else may have a completely different perspective, but I wouldnt be comfortable doing this. Oh interesting, thanks for letting me know! Yeah that looks like the suit I got, not sure if they are doing away with one of the names or something.

Man, I was really planning to head down to Chicago to try on and buy that navy Napoli from suitsupply, but the Claiborne is just too tempting…That JCP discount code is good for today only. The Napoli is much bigger — chest, length. The JCF was perfect fit — even the sleeves! They hit about the same price point as the Suitsupply with a few more features and pretty solid reviews.

The BR Tailored Fit is a dynamite suit. The fabric is light but I get away with wearing it year round. I rock the jacket as a dressy blazer with jeans.

My favorite and I only wish they had it in more colors. Luckily for me, ship-to-store allows me to avoid shipping costs so I can gamble without repercussion. I have a Sienna and have a friend who has one too. But does it come in Navy? I agree with the spirit of what Robert is saying, i. The whole purpose of the charity is to give less fortunate men the ability to look sharp as they walk into a job interview as they try to better themselves.

Thanks for the tip, Timbo. You can order online too. Never had it shipped to me, but it is 7 day shipping free.

The sizing can be a bit odd though, you may have to look around a bit. Saw the claiborne and was glad to see they went with a navy option.

Take a look at the Thompson suit in 40L. The sleeves were definitely too long for me, but apparently I have little T-rex arms my shirts are One big advantage BL has is their office in NYC, where you can get measured and see all the fabrics in person unlike IC which is only in town for traveling tailor events. They also perform their own alterations, if needed, once your suit comes in. And I also enjoy their weekly Compass newsletter.

Too many rave reviews here on Dappered to ignore! Other than the arms, we should be pretty similar in terms of what fits. Thanks for the feedback, Angel. I can also confirm that after discussions with employees that the suits are fused. At that price point why not go with Suitsupply or a Ludlow? I have pretty standard proportions, so MTM is not a must-have by any means.

Lets assume that it would be a standard work suit that could and probably would see occasional use in social settings.

The lapels and fit are classic although there are trendy options and the pants broke perfectly. The suit did require some additional tailoring, however. I went and got measured at the new york office to make sure everything would be perfect to their specifications,but it was still a tad loose fitting. I had lost some weight during the 3 weeks it took to arrive, so more my fault than theirs. While you can find better prices for similar quality from time to time on sale, those with a really common size good luck getting a normal navy suit in 40R from j.

Great article, as usual, Joe — first time poster and longtime lurker, and I am definitely looking into getting a navy suit. My right arm is slightly longer than my left prompting my brother to call me a human fiddler crab , which forced their tailor to lengthen the right sleeve from the cuff end.

Alas, with their functional buttons, there now is a noticeable 0. I am eyeing the Suitsupply London in navy. But I am afraid to get it for fear of having the same sleeve alteration experience.

And it seems that lengthening from the shoulder would be too major of an operation…. Anyone else have this issue with Suitsupply? How did you deal with it? Perfect for any formal or off-duty look. From timeless navy hues to lighter tones, the blue suit is a wardrobe staple that will complement any style. Whether you are aiming to build a capsule wardrobe that is elegant while also being on trend, or you are seeking a classic clothing item that will never go out of style, this is a suit that will see you through any and every event, with panache.

What makes men's blue suits such a timeless choice is their versatility. A navy blue suit gives you the flexibility of a dark neutral, with a hint of colour that that is less severe than black.

Navy can be worn with any colour, including neutrals, monochrome shades and brights or pastels. It is smart enough to be worn to any formal event, whether a wedding, a fundraiser or a corporate dinner. It is also versatile enough to be dressed down without a tie. Light blue suits are ideal for outdoor events, from polo to luncheons, galas or daytime weddings. This shade can be worn with most colours; especially lighter shades of neutral, grey and white.

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